Image Categories

Images may be entered in one of four categories in the monthly intra-club competition:

  • Traditional
  • Open
  • Monthly Topic


  • Traditional photography should be an accurate, but not necessarily unenhanced, representation of the original scene and work artistically as a photograph.  It should not look like a painting or digital art.
  • You may crop, darken, lighten and enhance the color in your photographs.
  • You may adjust contrast, saturation, burn and dodge your images, and convert them to black and white.
  • You may use digital software, including HDR techniques and filters, to enhance texture, clarity, ambiance, and mood to further engage the viewer as long as the application of these filters and techniques don’t change the image so much as to become digital art instead of a photograph.
  • You may not add images from other photographs or move image elements from within the image.
  • You may not combine multiple images in any fashion although you may remove minor distractions such as telephone wires, etc.  The photograph should represent the original scene and may not be changed in such a way that it no longer does so. What changes have been made should not be apparent.


  • The image must begin as a photograph. (After all, we are a photographic society!).  From there, it is up to you.  Any photograph may be entered in the Open image category.

Monthly Topic

  • Can be either Traditional or Open. Judging will not distinguish between the two categories.


  • This is a competition that will be judged by PSA rules. Please be sure to read the information about the competition as the rules are much stricter than our normal club rules.


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