The primary objective of the Webmaster is to upgrade and maintain the LPS website. Although the Webmaster does not hold a voting position on the Loveland Photographic Society (LPS) Board of Directors, the chairperson should make every effort to attend all board meetings (six scheduled per year: first Tuesday of odd months) to help direct the club in the decision making process.

Basic Duties: (The Webmaster)

  1. Upgrades and maintains the LPS website as needed.
  2. Keeps a monthly calendar for club activities.
  3. Posts winning images from monthly and year end competitions.
  4. Posts winning images for special awards and events.
  5. Posts archives of past winning images.
  6. Posts updated rules and regulations as directed by the board of directors.
  7. Manages the relationship with the website host.
  8. Maintains the LPS domain.

Time Commitment:

There is no set time commitment, however, the website administrator should expect to spend 2 to 6 hours per month managing the website. It is normally expected that the LPS website will be updated on a monthly basis.

Other Requirements:

  1. The website administrator should have a demonstrated ability to administer complex websites, especially those based on the Joomla content management system.
  2. The website administrator should have a demonstrated ability to maintain domain names.


The Webmaster seeks to ensure that the general public can access the benefits of membership, while giving members a place to go for general information about the club and its activities. This is a secondary source of information in conjunction with the Newsletter that enables members to access upcoming workshops or programs, which may interest them. Personal benefits include getting to help other members stay informed while furthering personal interests in the field of photography.

Updated 12/2014

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