LPS Leadership & Elections

Loveland Photographic Society elects new board members and chairpersons each fall for the upcoming fiscal year that starts every January. Listed below are the positions for the current fiscal year. If you are interested in participating, let our nominations chairperson know.

Board of Directors

Name Role Email
Tony Pariso
President president@lps.cc
Bob Carrier
Vice President vicepresident@lps.cc
Sandra Loucks
Treasurer treasurer@lps.cc
Scott Sprain
Secretary secretary@lps.cc
J. R. Schnelzer
Past President past.president@lps.cc
Tony Pariso Program Chair programs@lps.cc
Sandra Loucks
Membership Chair membership@lps.cc
Kristi Norman & Lorie Smith
Competition Chair competition@lps.cc

 Other Chairpersons and Assignments

Name Role Email
Lynne Lewis
Field Trip Chair fieldtrips@lps.cc
Jamie Carrier & Ingrid Jacobson
Greeting Hosts greeting.host@lps.cc
Mike Wilcox
Mentor Chair mentor@lps.cc
Mike Wilcox & Octavio Noda
Projectionist projectionist@lps.cc
Bill Shanahan
Publicity Chair
Ruth Sprain
Scholarship Chair scholarships@lps.cc
Bill Shanahan
Website Administrator webmaster@lps.cc
Bill Shanahan
Newsletter Editor
Lisa Schnelzer PSA Representative psa.rep@lps.cc
Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero Facility Setup Chair facility@lps.cc
Ingrid Jacobson
Forum Director




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